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    At our company, we believe that the key to selling property lies in effective communication. When they enter you property, potential buyers have to be able to imagine themselves living in this space and making it their home. House staging plays a crucial role in communicating the potential of a property to buyers and can help boost the selling price as well.

    Since the company was founded, chief stylist Todd has helped over a hundred home owners in Sydney, Melbourne, and Christchurch develop strong interest in their house through elegant yet practical styling solutions.


    As our home staging company is based in Sydney, naturally many of our styling cues come from the forward thinking aesthetic of this design capital. Our stylists take the clean, modern lines, natural finishes, and industrial detailing which characterise Sydney, and use these to inform the elegant interiors they stage. This type of styling is particularly effective when it comes to staging Sydney homes as it is timeless, and stylish without being forceful or overwhelming.

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