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    Valentina Papagna migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1955 from Slovenia after experiencing difficult times in her early years.

    In 1988 two years after the sudden death of her husband, Valentina began to receive visions and messages from our Lord Jesus and Mary our Blessed  Mother. From this time on her life changed from being an average Catholic to one more devout.

    Valentina is a Roman Catholic in good standing, who has the full support of her Spiritual director and parish priest, Father Valerian Jenko OFM.

    She wishes to share her experiences and messages only to help people come closer to God and to grow in holiness as Jesus and Mary desire.

    Now a grandmother, she lives a quiet and simple family life, seeking to avoid publicity for herself yet compelled to proclaim the messages given to her which she knows is not for herself alone.

    Valentina is frequently invited into private homes wherein a prayerful family gathering she shares and witnesses to God’s blessings of peace. Many confirmations attest that lives are changed, hearts touched and people are encouraged to seek Gods grace through this witness.

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