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Toilet Seat Covers by MaxCare


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    Business success relies on happy employees and returning customers. Expecting positive output from your employees or a smooth customer flow is completely justified when you keep the employees & customer’s wellbeing in mind. Providing MaxCare toilet seat covers to meet the increasing hygiene demand today will definitely help you keep your customers and employees happy and gain more sales.

    Hygiene and sanitation are the keys to great health. According to, the virus COVID-19 can spread from person to person through touching objects or surfaces that have droplets from an infected person, and then touching your mouth or face. Sure we all wash our hands after toilet but you sat on the toilet seat and touched your clothes before you wash your hands. The virus could have spread all over you. This further raises the concern of toilet seat hygiene in the use of public toilets.

    MaxCare offers wholesale toilet seat covers to business, and a resealable travel pack of toilet seat covers for individuals. This is great for people who needs to share toilets with others, especially when you have to use public toilets. Imagine you are in a happy shopping spree in a shopping plaza or romantic dining out in a restaurant and needs to use the public toilet. You wouldn’t want to wipe the toilet seat or use the toilet paper to form your owned toilet seat cover; just bring one of MaxCare’s toilet seat covers, do your business and flush. Toilet seat covers are an easy way to protect yourself from germs on the toilet seats.

    Shop for MaxCare toilet seat covers on our website and enjoy free delivery on all orders Australia wide at

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