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Pest Control Edgecliff


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    Marks Pest Control Edgecliff has over many years knowledge in pest control, with a university degree in environmental sciences majoring in studies in pest management. What this basically provides a greater ability to analyze given pest problems and provide more creative solutions, as opposed to just coming in and spraying everything. We are a Courteous and Conscientious pest control company servicing the Edgecliff area.  We aim for customer satisfaction in the control of insects, rodents, and termites as well as the proper care of our customer’s lawns and ornamental plants. Marks Pest Control Edgecliff is not just another pest control business with an ‘environmentally friendly’ sticker attached disguising the regular pest control industry. Marks Pest Control Edgecliff offers a genuine natural and non-toxic approach to pest control, utilizing genuine eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic pest control methods. If you have concern regarding the over use of chemicals in the world, environment, and especially your home, than Marks Pest Control Edgecliff is for you. Marks Pest Control Edgecliff is all about offering pest control solutions without the typical heavy chemical load typical in traditional pest control. Rather, the philosophy is more about how to detoxify the pest control process. Effectiveness is not sacrificed. There is no need to think that Marks Pest Control Edgecliff will provide some flimsy organic thing that will have a bit of an effect but would not really do that much. Natural pest control methods are designed on sound knowledge, tested and proven. Marks Pest Control Edgecliff services the Edgecliff area, including the nearby areas. Location is not really an issue though it may affect when an appointment can be made. Yes we go to the northern beaches area as well, however, that area does suffer from some appalling traffic problems and so appointments are made to avoid travelling in peak hour traffic times.

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