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    Since its establishment in 2014, Owner Inspections has quickly become a trusted name in building inspection services across New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. We consistently demonstrate our commitment to excellence by meticulously examining every detail, providing clients with precise and actionable insights. Our certified inspectors, renowned for their vast experience and keen attention to detail, ensure every client receives a thorough and accurate evaluation. We adeptly tailor our methods to inspect everything from cosy residential homes to expansive commercial spaces. We draw on deep industry knowledge to provide expert witness reports, ensure the utmost quality and compliance in new home inspections, offer clear insights for potential buyers, detail property conditions before and after nearby construction activities, and identify as well as remedy structural defects. We also conduct rigorous pest and mould inspections to uphold the highest health and safety standards for properties. Recognising our clients’ need for swift responses, we consistently deliver detailed reports within 24 hours of an inspection. At Owner Inspections, we go beyond assessments to forge genuine partnerships with our clients, ensuring they always feel informed, confident, and supported. When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re securing complete peace of mind.

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