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Managed IT Security Services - CyberStash


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    Managed security services is a systematic approach to managing an organization’s security needs. Delivered as a Managed Security Service with flexible subscription options, CyberStash stays with you all the way to keep you safe and secure.

    The challenge of mitigating cybersecurity risks remains a top priority for many CIOs however with competing priorities and the shortage of cybersecurity skills, organisations continue to operate their business without sufficient protection against cyber threats. This problem is exasperated with regulatory compliance pressures, workplace modernisation and digitalization of business.


    CyberStash tackles this problem head-on by providing organisations cost effective Managed Security Services that addresses enterprise risks strategically end-to-end. 


    • NextGen Firewall Services
    • Vulnerabilities Management Services 
    • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Service
    • Advanced Threat Defence Service
    • Threat Intelligence Services
    • Compromise Assessment Services


    We provide organisations the assurance they need to continue operating confidently through service-level reporting that demonstrates:


    • trends in risks, 
    • how these are being monitored and controlled, 
    • what their business attack surface is, and 

    the overall performance of their cybersecurity program

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