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Global Warming Politics


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Elected politicians, endorsed by major political parties, have ignored our country’s vast problems, specifically in health care, aged care, child care, and education. This has to stop. We must aim for change by endorsing independent candidates who can restructure the political system and address significant problems, especially global warming. To contribute to this necessary reform, join Global Warming Politics.  

Global Warming Politics created the Independent Political Candidates Association (IPCA) to call on those independent politicians and those who know independents to take a step forward for the betterment of all Australians. Our association of independents is driven by the goal of reforming the political structure of our federal government by letting independent candidates take the government seats.  

Here in IPCA, our goals include improving all the sectors mentioned to provide a better life for Australians. One way that we can achieve our goals is to educate voters, especially those who are first-timers, on why we need to elect independent politicians in Australia.   

We encourage men and women who reside in Perth, West Australia, to join our association of independents. Those who wish to register are welcome to fill in our form at or call us on 0403498712. 

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