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    Any house, business or public building can suffer from an infestation of what we refer to as ‘pests’, at any time. It could be mice or Flea that have got into your house and are chewing your wiring, or pigeons in your business premises destroy your stock – whatever it is, our pest control team is here to assist. If you desire to book a pest control service, and know the service you need you can go directly to our online form. We at Marks Flea Control Perth are a family owned company with local friendly values. Like you, we are all normal people with families, home and businesses that are very precious to us. We understand that when you have a pest difficulty it can be deeply upsetting and you want it stamping out. Fast! Our huge knowledge has shown us that when you meet a pest problem it is rarely your fault. Local councils are cutting back their pest control and cleansing services owing to severity measures. Based in Perth and covering Perth and, Marks Flea Control Perth have become the leading pest control company in the area. We have successfully treated thousands of infestations. Because of this we are the chosen pest control company for total flea control and eradication. The most common sign of a difficulty by far is their irritating bites. Fleas only jump around 1-2 ft off the ground. Therefore bites are more often than not around the ankles and lower leg. However if they have infested a bed or sofa it is to be predictable that they will bite any part of the body. If so- flea control is necessary. Pet problems: If your cat and dog are frequently itching and scratching, it is likely they have a difficulty. Check pet bedding for signs of the fleas. If you grasp it early you may only have to treat the pet bedding rather than the entire house. Sightings: If you have a difficulty you can often see them jumping about. Particularly when you enter empty possessions, the vibrations from your movement will wake the fleas and they will jump around looking to feed. These insects usually look black and are about 1mm in size. There are two recognized eradication techniques for removal. One is an element spray or fumigation treatment and the other is a heat treatment. Both are very effective and guaranteed, however the heat treatment gives guaranteed abolition in the same day. For more information on this service satisfy go to our devoted insect heat treatment page here. The chemical treatment absorb spraying or fog activity areas with a strong remaining chemical, this will kill off all active fleas at the time of treatment and remain efficient on surfaces until the dormant fleas come out and the eggs hatch and finally kill these off too. It is for this cause that the treatment is not instant, however it is very efficient and guaranteed, so if the difficulty persists, we come back free of charge.

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