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    Fhrx Studios supplies and installs multimedia products, but that’s not all the team can do for you. Alongside their diverse range of affiliates, Fhrx Studios can modify and install a wide range of systems as well as designing, fabricating, installing, tuning, testing, and tweaking. From cars and boats to bikes, forklifts, and planes – if you’ve got it, Fhrx Studios can install a stereo in it.

    Fhrx Studios can assist you with full multimedia setups, hidden installations, fibreglass/carbon fibre boxes, vinyl wrapping, sound deadening solutions, games consoles, mobile 20v applications such as fridges, Carputer and device installation, on-road and off-road racing equipment, batteries, earthing kits, and more. The team can also assist you with real-time analysis, DB readings, system tuning, system troubleshooting, marine and offshore installations, and other services.

    Browse the Fhrx Studios website, learn more about the team, view a range of authorised and undistributed brands the team works with, check out the tutorials and FAQs, and shop online through the Fhrx online store.

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