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Couples Counselling - Barossa Strong


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What’s It Like Working With Barossa Strong?

When we work together, building a relationship counselling of trust and respect is paramount to achieving positive results. We create a supporting, empathetic environment with the aim of becoming a strong, working team, striving to create the meaningful change you desire. Our work is always collaborative and is you will only move in directions which you are in agreement with. We usually, but not always approach each client with the following in mind:

  • What does the client want from therapy?
  • What emotional or behavioural goals do they have in mind?
  • What is getting in the way?
  • What is the client doing to make things worse?
  • Are there thoughts, feelings or emotions that the client is fused with?
  • Are there any uncomfortable experiences or feelings the client is avoiding?
  • Is the client “stuck in their head” or do they lose contact with the present moment?
  • What is important to the client?
  • What are their core values and what direction do they want to go in terms of work, study, health, parenting, intimate relationship, friends, family, spirituality, community, environment.


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