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    O3 Clean is a two stage process that uses a unique sanitising system.

    – Firstly, all loose matter is removed from the top of the mattress ie. dead skin, bed bugs, dust & dust mites, food, hair etc.
    – Secondly, we neutralise any bacteria, viruses, mould, fungal spores etc with two of natures most effective purification agents, UV-C and Ozone (o3).
    – It’s a scientifically proven fact that one of the most effective forms of air purification is natural sun light. Not the visible light we see from the sun, but an ultra violet ray called UV-C which

    we reproduce with our industry leading sanitising system.

    This light is germicidal and neutralises the DNA of germs, bacteria, viruses, micro-organisims etc. In addition to this our sanitising unit also produces Ozone (o3) which is a highly efficient purification agent, in fact Ozone is stronger than chlorine or hydrogen peroxide but without the strong chemical smell. This proven technology has been used world-wide for many years in domestic/commercial air and water purification systems, in particular for medical facilities.

    O3 Clean is a relatively new service that applies proven technologies to a new application of mattress sanitising.

    The benefits of this service are:

    • Two of nature’s most effective purification methods, UV rays and Ozone
    • Neutralises germs, bacteria, viruses, critters, dead skin, bodily fluids, alcohol, bed bugs etc.
    • Neutralises dust mites and their excrement thus improving the air quality as these can often cause allergies and asthma
    • Chemical-free deodorising rather than just masking the odour
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Leaves the mattress dry (a mattress should never be wet/steamed as the moisture encourages the growth of mould, dust mites and germs and may even void the warranty)
    • Prolongs the life of the mattress
    • Co-ordinates with your existing house keeping schedule. In addition to this we can stagger the service over a period of time to suit you requirements (at a minimum of 10 mattresses)
    • Improve your occupancy rate by informing your guests and/or potential guests they are sleeping on a sanitised mattress
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